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``sanei`` interpretation

“sanei” is “honor people, honor products, honor industry”

honor people – taking pride in the management of wolves
honor products – to promote the value of customers proud
honor industry – to promote sustainable management as an honor

mark structure is an upward triangle, giving a cupola to smooth feeling, fully embodies the moral enterprise poised, product stability and safety, the axis of symmetry of the composition symbol of enterprise cohesion and centripetal force.

blue block——represents the development of enterprises and products in the direction of high technology;

green block——on behalf of the product with green energy-saving environmental protection;

silver grey——represents the toughness, reflecting the characteristics of the industry.


an elevator manufacturer and brand operator providing leading services

core values

deep sincerity, innovation, customer first, technology-based.

service concept

technology change service


1. 4r execution control
2. 4a performance management
3. iso9001 quality assurance system