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service idea
technology changes services

smart chip

smart cloud technology monitors elevator operation conditions in real time

new service

regularly provide free elevator inspection report for users

peace of mind

provide internationalized service for users

smart cloud technology monitors elevator operation conditions in real time

service is an eternal theme of an enterprise. sanei regards service as the cornerstone of its development. sanei advocates the new concept of “technology changes services” and leads the development of elevator industry. by combining concepts of internet into elevator industry, sanei pioneered in developing smartcloud technology, which can provide 7*24 hour cloud debugging, cloudhost, cloudrescue and cloudcare for all sanei elevators at shanghai-based sanei headquaters. while increasing elevator maintenance quality, sanei also speeds up its speed of responding to failed elevators, knows more about all the operation conditions of elevator sand monitor-elevators in real time, thus greatly enhancing sanei’s service capability for users.

regularly provide free elevator inspection report for users

sanei regularly inspects the all-around operation conditions of all sanei elevators by relying on its powerful smart cloud technology and provides users with inspection reports for free so that they can gain a full understanding of the overall operation conditions of elevators.

provide internationalized service for users

sanei has a global call center to provide internationalized service for users. at the same time, sanei also sets up a three-dimensional service network to respond to your enquiry immediately through its official website customer service, mobile terminal, wechat,microblog and other self-owned media so that you can purchase sanei’s products at ease and use them at comfort.

5s machine room standards

sanei is a pioneer of 5s machine room standards to build standardized, clean, modern machine rooms and remove the “dirty,disorderly and bad” image of common machine rooms. sanei’s machine rooms are even clean to the extent that your white shirt will not be dirtied by dusts.

four services


sanei elevator has developed a standard, unified service standards, service engineers in the post before passing through a rigorous system of technical training and service specification training.


sanei elevator set up a professional after-sales service team, the entire service team, has the ability to solve the problem of after-sales service and develop solutions.


according to different customer service needs to develop after-sales service solutions, service content closer to customer needs, personalized, diversified.


on behalf of the different quality of service and value, are based on customer satisfaction as a measure to meet the different needs of customers and the same level of different levels of demand.

efficient and well managed team

professional installation team

advocate room 5s management

professional maintenance engineering vehicle

technology change services

conduct customer satisfaction survey