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welcome to join sanei elevator

in our fast expanding business in china our strong network of authorizedagents is a very important sales channel. we  sanei strongly believe that a sustainablepartnership is the key to success. as with our customers we strive for win-winresults in our daily work with our agents.

our agents help us to achieve greater market coverage in china, provideall customers with timely and efficient service and guarantee sanei’s productquality for better brand reputation.

the advantages of saeni elevator

founded in 1987, shanghai old brand elevator

international management experience and advantages

iso9001 quality control system to create classic elevator engineering

professional elevator maintenance system

elevator remote monitoring system

elevator file system

rich experience in special elevator project

international brand awareness

sanei gives you the opportunity to cooperate with global leaders

offer the high performance brand elevators with speed up to 8m/s

offer the best selling escalators and moving walks around the world

show customers the reference installations in shanghai, beijing, suzhou,guangzhou and all other major cities in china

receive professional sales and technical training

benefit from schindler's expert project management experience

obtain the professional sales support from sanei salesmen and branchmanagers

enjoy competitive sales commission and reward programs

compete for annual rewards for the best performing agents

agent recruitment hotline
china : 021-66861790
international : 86-21-5686 2755

add: no. 1 yidong road, baoshan district, shanghai
tel: 86-21-56866688
fax: 86-21-56863030
7×24 hotline: 400-820-5680,800-820-5680