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installation service

sanei elevator has a professional installation engineer to provide you with a comprehensive and thoughtful installation services. early monitoring, tracking, embedded parts, reserved hole deviation.


01. according to the elevator specifications, our installation engineer will provide you with the proper size of the well.
02. in the elevator installation one month before the installation engineer will implement the survey on well, and fill out the “elevator hoistway survey report”, promptly notify you do preliminary rectification, to ensure the progress of the project.
03. for each of the installation of the project to develop personalized construction plan, according to the “sanei installation quality assurance system” to develop quality plans, a clear quality control points, the preparation of construction work plan.


01. we establish two sessions system in the project site, on monday held a security meeting held; project schedule, quality meeting over the weekend, effective communication on relevant matters, and make a detailed record, to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
02. the installation engineer will regularly inform the company of the progress of the project, the problems and so on, in writing to inform the company, the company in the first time according to the situation to guide the work of the scene to ensure that your normal progress of the project.
03. the installation engineer shall fill in the elevator installation process record regularly and record the construction log to record the daily status of the elevator installation.


01. after the elevator factory inspection, we send professional cleaning staff to do a good job cleaning. installation engineer and check the door lock, safety circuit, good balance coefficient, the function test.
02. after the acceptance of the elevator, the installation engineer in accordance with the provisions of the company to do 3000 test run, to further ensure the quality of the elevator operation, completely exempt from your worries.

maintenance service

sanei elevator has a sound and perfect technical service system and inspection system, and has a professional maintenance engineers, for your project on-site guidance and supervision, remove your worries about elevator maintenance.

01. when the installation engineer transfers the elevator to the maintenance engineer, the maintenance engineer immediately carries out a systematic and comprehensive inspection of the elevator, and strictly checks the installation quality.
02. we strictly enforce safety rules, comply with the safety management system, and the maintenance engineer to maintenance personnel to carry out safety education and job skills, safety, service etiquette training, the scientific and standardized maintenance work processes, improve efficiency and ensure the quality of maintenance in the future.
03. regular maintenance maintenance engineer “fill in the periodic table”, and clear the elevator repair and telephone complaints to you. we received telephone repair, maintenance engineer immediately rushed to the scene, the local elevator troubleshooting in 12 hours, the longest non local time is not more than 2 days.
04. to all sanei elevator 2 times a year to return service, to understand your needs in a timely manner, to provide better quality and more suitable for various types of services.
05. maintenance engineers always adhere to the user satisfaction, quickly and effectively deal with user opinion, with a warm, effective service attitude to solve the problem for the user.

feature maintenance

special maintenance engineering vehicle

room 5s maintenance

elevator hoistway maintenance

into the elevator car roof maintenance

elevator door maintenance

repair transformation

elevator maintenance, to ensure the normal and safe operation of the elevator, replace the old parts or processing, repair of old parts to new parts of the same operation, the operation should not change the lift characteristics.
through the daily maintenance, in order to maintain good and comfortable use of the elevator, but the elevator with long-term use, only routine maintenance, not long enough to maintain good performance and ease of use, we must reform, in order to make the elevator to regain the excellent performance and comfort.
sanei elevator to carry out elevator renovation business for nearly 20 years, invested a lot of manpower and resources, has done a lot of research work to lift technology, transformation products continue to improve and perfect, compared with the same industry, our company has certain advantages in the elevator: determine preliminary site survey, plan the transformation process; interim technical support, safety inspection to the supporting elevator maintenance service after completion, to ensure that are handed over to the user before the completion of 3000 failure free operation.
sanei elevator independent research and development of energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency, reliable performance, and can adapt to the needs of all kinds of customer demand for the transformation of the elevator products, and through continuous improvement of the use of the experimental and field use.