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sanei france

sanei(france) elevator co. ,ltd. is located the site where burgundy and paris region cross, which is 130 kilometers away from paris. it was incorporated jointly with french partner after acquiring france impex elevator import & export company in the beginning of 2013, whose main business scope includes the manufacture and sales of the elevator and the escalator; engaging the import & export o the goods and technologies; the manufacture, sales, installation, renovation and maintenance of various elevators.
the factory owned by sanei (france) elevator co. ,ltd covers 7600 square meters,integrating the office, production & processing workshop and warehouse together. the advanced equipments including the complete set of japanese amadadigital control plating equipments and german wagner painting production lineetc are introduced, and 9 working sections including the plating, refined processing and welding etc are established, and the production environment is neat, clean and bright, with the secure facilities and clear technique procedures, and the production area is completely isolated by the performance.the annual productivity of the company is 500 sets of various elevators that are sold smoothly to the france, also exported to the surrounding extensively.

sanei france business profile

- new elevator's business

providing the client with the best new elevator scheme and satisfactory product with our richly professional experiences and substantial technology team, as perspecific requirements from our client.

- the complete replacement of the old elevator

there are many old and outdated elevators installed in french many buildings, that have been used for over two decades, with enormous security risks. we provide the most suitable and customized solution to replace the old and outdated elevators for our client by measuring the shaft accurately, based on the existing shaft condition on site.

- the renovation of the old elevator

so-called the renovation of the old elevator refers to partial replacement of the old and outdated elevators. we will provide the most ideal renovation scheme and guarantee that the elevator can function normally as per the specific requirements of our client.

- the sales of elevator's components

our company has a great number of elevator’s component manufacturers and home-made component manufacturers in france, and the spare parts warehouse with the complete types of components, providing the most suitable components to meet their needs with the afford able and quality products and quick response.

- the maintenance of the elevator

our company under takes the maintenance of the elevator, and provide 24-hour services, and provide the quality service of maintenance for our client, in case of emergency.