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problems encountered by customers

- how to deal with post-treatment for the elevator user

1. the emergency report should be made according to the related procedureif there is heavily injured passenger.

2. learning about how the accident happened, investigating the cause ofthe malfunction, and helping to collecting related evidence.

3. urging the elevator maintainer to check and repair as soon as possibleif being caused by the malfunction of the elevator.

4. the malfunction and accident reports should besubmitted to the competent department in time.

- what kinds of emergency measures that should be adopted while flooding

1. while the water is flooded into shaft or the pit, thecar should be stopped at the level with two levels above, and brake theelevator and turn off the power supply, in case of the water entering into thecar.

2. while there is more water entering into the pit shaft or the room, theelevator should be braked immediately, and the switch of the power should becut off, in case of short circuit and power strike etc.

3. the dehumidifying procedures should be taken for the humid elevatorthat is not allowed to be used before the dehumidificationis completed and the elevator can re-function normally.

4. the details of humidification check report stating thecause, treatment method and preventive measures should be filled ad filed afterreusing the elevator.

- what kinds of emergent measures that should be taken while earthquake

1. whether and when to stop the elevator should be decided according tothe emergency treatment measures issued by the local people’s government if theearthquake alarm has been launched.

2. the elevator should be stopped immediately and the passengers should beevacuated from the car once there is earthquake sign if there is the earthquakewith more intensity without the forecast of the incoming earthquake.

3. the elevator is not allowed to be reused before beingchecked and commissioned by the professional.

- what kinds of emergency measures that should be taken while fire

1. reporting to the fire-fighting department immediately.

2. pressing fire-fighting button in the elevator with fire-fightingfunction to make the fire-fighting elevator enter into fire-fighting status forthe firemen; the elevator without fire-fighting function should be operateddirectly to the first floor and the power should be cut off, or the elevatorshould be stopped at the level without the spread of the fire. the elevatorshould be set in the status of stopping operation and the car door and halldoor should be closed manually, and the general power should be cut off.

3. the elevator should be stopped immediately and all the passengersshould be evacuated and the power should be cut off and extinguished with thefire extinguisher while there is fire inside the shaft or the car of theelevator.

4. the elevator without fire should be stopped in the area where it is faraway from the spread of the fire immediately or left to the firemen forextinguishing the fire while there is fire to the elevator with the communalshaft.

5. the elevator should be stopped as well, incase of the passengers trapped due to the power

- how to rescue the passengers trapped in the car

1. the rescue professional arriving at the site is notallowed to conduct rescue before determining the location where the car is.

2. while the car is not in the leveling, the following procedures shouldbe taken for rescue:

a) determining the location where the car is;

b) closing general power of the elevator;

c) moving the car to the leveling with jigger;

d) opening the elevator leveling door and car door with the emergencykeys;

e) evacuating the passengers away from the car, in case of falling downand injury;

f) re-closing the elevator’s leveling door and car door;

g) setting the sign of out of order at the entrance ofthe elevator.

- what do the passengers trapped in the car do while the elevator stops due to sudden power failure or the malfunction?

the passengers in the car should inform the maintainerand wait for the rescue professional to open the door patiently; due toabnormal stop, the car may not stop at the leveling, therefore, don’t pull andopen the door and go out on your own, in case of falling accident. (the rescueprofessional should move the car to the leveling and open the door for thetrapped passengers if it is not at the leveling).

- what kinds of measures and treatment procedures should be taken if the elevator user receives the report of emergency?

1. the professional in the unit should be informed to thesite for treatment immediately and the maintainer should be informedsimultaneously if the emergency on the elevator charged is found by the personon duty or the help signal is received.

2. the person on duty should inform the trapped passengers with thedetails of the notes, by the communication walkie-talkie system equipped forthe elevator or other alternatives.

3. the person on duty should learn about the location where the car stops,the number of trapped passengers and whether there are patients or otherdangerous factors etc, and the report should be made to the competentdepartment and unit immediately if any.

4. the professional from the elevator user arriving at the field shouldconduct rescue procedures firstly, who should conduct rescue together with themaintainer if there is difficulty.